Company Tax & Company Tax Advice

We provide a wide range of company tax advisory services, specialising in creating tailored solutions to suit your individual business needs.

At Kaskbook Online, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ and our team of experienced accountants and tax advisors work together with you to understand your business in depth and provide you with tailored advice and a bespoke solution for your individual circumstances.

Corporation tax represents a substantial portion of your overall trading costs and complying with tax legislation is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. So, getting the right corporate tax advice is critical. Our services aim to minimise your corporate tax exposure, relieve you of the associated administrative burdens and provide timely, effective advice to maximise your tax efficiencies.

Our Corporate Tax Services include:

  • Preparation of annual corporation tax returns.
  • Quarterly corporate tax advises based on quarterly accounts.
  • Strategic reviews to decide the most tax effective structure for your business.
  • Minimise tax liabilities by taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs.
  • Dispute settlement negotiations and revenue investigations.
  • Advice regarding corporate structures and offshore companies.
  • Handling of Tax Department cases.
  • Corporate tax advice and planning, which can result in significant improvements in your bottom line..